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Рекламна агенция

за цялостно обслужване

Рекламни Кампании

Ако много обичаш твоя бранд, ние ще направим така, че и светът да го заобича още повече.





This is one world where Freshness stands for flawless movement, free spirit, lightness and fashion of your choice. The scent that each new Semana gives transcends imagination and creates one new perception not only for everything around, but for oneself as well. 

What leads us?

Our main character is guided by the flawless, ethereal motion of a long cloth. This element symbolises the delicate power that Semana provides and the way it triggers our imagination to wander in new feelings and places. 

The cloth leads our main character out of the wardrobe and into the new world. We see small particles flickering around it, creating the sense of magic.

Видеа за ТВ & Онлайн 

What happens if you dare to open the wardrobe of your clothes, touched by the magic of Semana? You are guided into one world of fashion and style, that are "out of this world". The cloth goes up to the ceiling and straight, inviting the character to discover the wonders of this new world, that Semana has designed for her.

How she feels.

dreamy, stylish, ready to experience something fresh & new. Like new emotions, new people and fresh view of herself. 

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